Five-year-old boy detained for more than four hours and reportedly handcuffed.

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The White House claims that the five-year-old boy who was detained for more than four hours after arriving at the Dulles, VA airport “could have posed a threat.” The boy wa reportedly hand-cuffed at the airport.

The boys is reportedly a U.S. citizen with an Iranian mother.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer defended the detainment:

Spicer commented, “The point is that you can go through and nit-pick and say ‘okay so this individual is (not a security threat)’. But that is why we slow it down a little. And to make sure that if they are a five-year-old, then maybe they are with their parents and they don’t pose a threat. But to assume because of someone’s age, or gender, or whatever, that they don’t pose a threat is misguided.”

To read the article on The Independent click here.

Watch the Fox News Channel video of Sean Spicer responding to the to the press here:



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