Trump speaks on election victory at NABTU conference

In his speech at the  the North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) conference, President Donald Trump discussed his election victory with the crowd saying, “Remember they said, ‘Because the Electoral College is very hard, they say almost impossible for a Republican to win. The odds are stacked.’ And they would say, ‘There’s no way to 270, you need 270.’ ” He continued by saying,  “They’re saying there’s no way to 270, but there’s a way to 306.”  He further commented, “Wasn’t that an exciting one? Y’know places that nobody (thought), ‘Donald Trump has won the state of Michigan.’ They go ‘What?’ ‘Donald Trump has won the state of Wisconsin.’ They came out of the blue, and we didn’t even need them.”

Trump also announced that the era of economic victory has begun. “Just look at the amazing talent assembled here,” he said to the workers. “We have iron workers, insulators, (chuckled) never changes does it, with the iron workers. Now let’s here it, laborers, painters, fitters, plumbers, operators…”

He also told the crowd, “We have a builder in the White House.”

Watch the video of the whole speech here:


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